Remote viewing can be defined as the ability to perceive information, events or people from a far off location. As you look into remote viewing, you may hear of such remote viewing methodologies as technical” remote viewing (TRV), scientific” remote viewing (SRV), and even a couple of new flavors of CRV (such as those taught by David Morehouse or Lyn Buchanan).

He believes that, although one can create a much better future and foresee the near-term web of possibilities, nothing is random in the processes of this planet, even though they might appear so. Remote viewing (sensing) of the directional moves of financial markets, whether actually traded or not, is an excellent training tool for potential remote viewers that Mr. ‘Donnell highly recommends since it involves major global worldwide situations within the events’ matrix.

Before you begin to attempt remote viewing, it is a prerequisite to master meditation Remote viewing requires a deep trance-like state, which can only really be achieved after you can confidently meditate. It, really has a lot of different variables involved, as sometimes the remote viewing seems to be based upon more than just the remote viewers energy, but may require a surge of some sorts from the viewee.

Remote viewing is a natural human ability used by shamans and healers throughout human history. Until this very day, psychic viewing is looked on by the British establishment with horror. At each trial the viewers had their own target pools of two targets about which they knew nothing.

The beacon then travels to the remote geographical location to interact with the environment while the intuitivespecialists viewer is in their session. On October 19th and 20th, 2012 I attended a two-day seminar hosted by the Rhine Research Center and presented by Russell Targ, co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute ‘s Remote Viewing program.

Remote Viewing techniques were pioneered by a group of scientists working with several highly gifted psychics, as part of a U.S. government-sponsored research program. This means that your unconsciousness is already aware of all of this information about your target; it just needs to send this information to your conscious mind.

Using directed attention on areas of the site you find of especial interest is necessary to keep your remote viewing fixated on the target; efficiency declines rapidly when you remotely view areas you find of little interest. This is the remote viewing data, and the picture of the actual target from the first use of remote viewing for financial gain.